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A company crazy about chocolate, and serious about people, uses Microsoft Teams to build personal relationships

When you add telephony capabilities to your existing #Microsoft Teams, you equip your team with a powerful system that has everything available in one single interface. Learn how #TonysChocolonely, an Amsterdam impact and chocolate company, uses this system to co-ordinate easily with its workers in Europe, America and Africa.

QuickStart guide to Windows Virtual Desktop

Ready to embark on your #WindowsVirtualDesktop journey? This e-book contains everything you need to know, from the essentials of desktop virtualization to the unique benefits #WVD will bring to your organization to different scenarios that will help you meet your nonprofit needs.

Intune – You can now remotely capture diagnostic logs

As you know, Intune allows you to remotely manage your devices. Well, while remote management sounds quite easy, the hard part is troubleshooting when something does […]

Microsoft Managed Desktop

52% of tech decision-makers agree that their current IT infrastructure keeps their company from delivering the best user experience. View the "Microsoft Managed Desktop," an #infographic brought to you by @msftnonprofits, to see the current state of IT challenges. #Tech4Good #DigitalTransformation @Office365 @Microsoft365