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Cloud migration checklist

There are lots of tools and resources to support your nonprofit's move to the cloud with @Microsoft #Azure. Access this flyer to learn more, and contact cubesys for support.

Cloud rationalization: The five Rs

Is your organization looking to migrate or modernize assets in the cloud? One option is to "Rehost" (also known as "lift and shift" migration). Learn the details as well as the other "Rs of rationalization" for evaluating the best path for your nonprofit. #Microsoft

Understanding the Virtual Environment

Windows Virtual Desktop is a great tool to help you optimise your productivity and security, wherever you are located. Check out the power of virtualisation when you work remotely with Windows Virtual Desktop.

Windows Virtual Desktop Solution Overview

Get all the tools and resources you need to migrate your apps, data and infrastructure at your own pace, with confidence. Learn how Windows Virtual Desktop expands capabilities with the best virtualised end-user experience in the video below.