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New OMS Calculator

Last year I wrote about the OMS calculator that was just released. Now that the OMS licenses has changed, Microsoft updated the calculator and released a new version of it: . It’s really easy to use, you just need to f...

Retrieve Azure AAD user information with Azure Functions and publish it into PowerBI

Few days ago I had a requirement to retrieve user information from Azure Active Directory and publish the data into a Power BI dashboard. In PowerBI you can’t directly query Azure Active Directory (there is, however, a connector to query an on pr...

What’s new in Azure Stack Technical Preview 2

Azure Stack Technical Preview 2 has just been released at Ignite!! This release provides new features for both tenants and administrators. Have a look at the new features: Key vault Key Vault provides secure management of your keys and passwords for cl...

Add a custom image to Azure Stack

In this blog post I will explain how you can add multiple custom images to Azure Stack. At cubesys we have a brand new Azure Stack environment that we use as a demo and test environment for our consultants. Each consultant has his own subscription with pre-defined quotas that they can use to build, test […]