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Azure AD Pass Through Authentication and Single Sign-on

  Objective In this post, I will be walking through configuring Azure AD pass through authentication and single sign-on for a single AD forest, and confirming […]

Microsoft PowerApps and inner join 2 sql tables

Since I was testing and discovering Microsoft  PowerApps I wanted to create a new app that would be able to create new invoices and expenses from my mobile phone. To be able to do this I would need to link 2 different data sources (in my case 2 differe...

OMS AD assessment not working, no data found.

Hi all, This week I encountered a rather strange issue with the AD Assessment solution within OMS. The OMS agent installation went fine, and we were able to collect events, security and auditing and performance data but as you can see here the AD Asses...

Change the subnet and IP of a specific Azure ARM virtual machine with PowerShell

Hi everyone, Couple of days ago I had to enable traffic between an environment in Azure and an on-premise environment. We already have an Azure gateway installed and a VPN connection between another VNET in our Azure environment so I wanted to reuse th...