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Why Trust Windows Virtual Desktop?

Microsoft employs more than 3,500 security experts completely dedicated to your data security and privacy. Work confidently and know your organisation's data is safe when you use Windows Virtual Desktop. Click here to find out how, and contact cubesys to learn more.

Create Instant Remote Work Meetings with Microsoft Teams

Wish you could save time scrolling through your team's chat and just have a quick meeting instead? Now you can turn a chat conversation into an instant remote meeting using @Microsoft Teams feature, "Meet now". Check it out!

Office 365 – Messages published in Message Center now have tags

As you know, the Message Center is your one stop shop to be aware about what is coming up on Office 365 services. Until then, you […]

Exchange Online – you can now turn on by default the new administration center

As you know, Exchange Online can be managed by either PowerShell or the Exchange Administration Portal (Exchange ECP). Few months ago, Microsoft has introduced an incoming […]