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Nerdio Manager

Nerdio Manager for WVD was created to address the technical and security requirements of Enterprise customers and is perfect for IT Professionals looking to deploy and manage large Windows Virtual Desktop environments. Easily automate and manage large WVD deployments in just a few clicks. Nerdio Manager for WVD can be used to create a new WVD environment or layered on top of existing WVD deployments non-disruptively and with zero vendor lock-in. With named and concurrent user pricing models, Nerdio Manager for WVD is the lowest cost and most powerful solution available on the market. Data Residency, Security, and Compliance Nerdio Manager for WVD is an all-PaaS Azure application that runs in your own tenant without ever compromising security and compliance by allowing third-party vendors to access your environment. All Windows Virtual Desktop resources are deployed to your Azure subscription in a region of your choice, with data never leaving your own Azure subscription

WVD-as a Service from cubesys

Our Windows virtual Desktop as a service offering is built on the cubesys principles and beliefs in cloud and the power of automation. cubesys engineers have built a new operational service for WVD which allows you to seamlessly keep your deployment up to date and secure. Maximise your WVD investment and ensure an evergreen operations environment. Our experts will manage your WVD platform, while you focus on supporting your users.
Why is WVD different? WVD is a modern take on VDI. At its core WVD addresses business challenges in much the same way as traditional VDI solutions but operationally WVD is a completely new paradigm. The combination of technology uplifts and the Azure cloud platform provide the opportunity to transform how we deliver VDI. Enhanced user experience, lower TCO and reduced administrative overheads are here.
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